Company Profile

ThaiProGroup is a group of consulting firms that specialize and provide financial advice. Marketing for businesses and individuals To increase the potential for business development and long-term competition for the organization And increase sustainable wealth for customers Responding to growth, especially in the current volatile economic conditions.

ThaiProGroup strongly believes that a well-planned plan will make clients achieve prosperity, stability, long-term. With a variety of products and services Therefore fulfilling the needs and solutions for customers

We believe that Whether it’s a business organization or an individual If planning financially well Will make the future sustainable financial stability

At ThaiProGroup, we believe in the potential of our team. We are committed to developing our people, the greatest resource. Our team is trained and skilled in financial management. Suggestion Continuous and consistent service Our team works with passion and pride in the career of financial consultants. In a fun atmosphere Supporting and supporting each other Join us!

ThaiProGroup is a group of professional consultants specialized in corporate and personal financial planning and consulting services.  Our goals are to help our clients (both companies and individuals) increase their wealth through personal discipline and well-managed financial planning in order to keep their wealth well above average in this kind of volatile economy.

ThaiProGroup believes by providing our outstanding financial planning guidance with our top-drawer professional and financial planner team, our clients will benefit tremendously and gain their wealth substantially.  We also provide a variety of financial-related products with our award-winning services that match our clients’ needs.

We believe that an integration of proactive and sound financial planning and various outstanding and reliable products will help our clients increase their wealth for a much more stable and brighter future.

Most importantly, we believe in our people – our greatest asset.  We provide intensive training in a total support and fun working environment.  We love and are proud of our career as financial planners.  Come Join Us!


ThaiProGroup was born from a management with experience in the financial business. More than 10 years of experience as financial advisors, accepted by more than 1000 customers

Amnat Rattanathan  

: Bachelor of Architecture Honors

Funded by the Thai government to study in the United Kingdom And the Japanese government scholarship to study in Japan

: Winner of the competition Genius Overtime at 54 million

: Former civil servant Instructors teaching undergraduate and graduate students of the country’s leading universities.

Decided to step into the financial business Achieved with national and global qualifications

: MDRT® 2552,2553

: COT ®  2554

: Allianz Iron Man 2552,2553

: Allianz Centurion 2552

: Allianz Master Builder 2553

: Country Top Producer 2553

: Country Top Leader 2553,2554






To raise the credibility and ability of the financial advisor To be professional to keep up with the global financial trend Able to fully meet the financial and investment needs of customers

ThaiProGroup believes that it will bring the most benefit to customers with advice and financial planning advice. We believe that ThaiProGroup’s financial planning will fulfill your confidence in future planning.

We have experts in planning and strategies that will lead to long-term goals, with experts in financial planning. Financial advisors are ready to give advice. Have a team that is a leader in financial services specifically

Resolute determination Causing customers to choose ThaiProGroup because we are different. There are qualified personnel. That will give you the freedom to make choices and make decisions. We will bring our customers to the goal set.